30 day financial diet

financial diet
People love to brag on howmuch they spend. are we able to begin bragging on howmuch we save?
This 30 day financial diet will make your bank account look fat.
With hundreds of challenges out there, I think South Africans could do with this one. Whether you are a high income earner or scrape through with your monthly salary, it is necessary to cut down on a few unnecessary expenses. For those who will join me please tag at least 10 friends that would either support or join you.
Below, I’ve done the math on some easy cutbacks to see how much extra you could have at the end of your diet
1. Cut out impulse buying, Do you really need another bag if your black one already matches all outfits? . This is just an example of an unnecessary expense that could easily set you back with a whole R1500 if you are one of those who cant do without a Rozel leather tote bag.
2. Stop eating! “Dankie vir die Donuts” now go back to your country………..I’m sure you know what I mean.
Your friends won’t love you any less If you skip the coffee shop runs with them. I would also suggest to take a packed lunch to work. All these could easily save you around R2000 a month
3. Try using public transport during this month, Going from C-Class to train class could save you R1500 p/m on travelling cost. Besides, you could do without the traffic.
4. Do your own nails and save around R200? R300? I’m not an expert here so please inform me.
5. The hair salon! I know your R1000 Brazilian treatment is out but you just have to hang in there and do with a ponytail so long.
6. Haggle for lower premiums. I do this every year with my car insurance. If you haven’t done so yet, now is your chance and save an average of R100.
7. Cancel all unnecessary subscriptions. Who gets to watch 500 channels anyway and that cellphone contract is ridiculous. you already get all your news on social media, so start streaming your movies and purchase skye credits for calls. R1000 slashed
8. Start using refills, yes I’m talking about the sunlight liquid, staysoft, spices etc. You can save around R100 maybe?
9. Cut make and trim your domestic needs. Minimum wage for a full time domestic worker is around R2500 and about R15 per hour for a char. You should know how often you use them.
10. Lastly, you can save a couple of hundreds if you stick to your shopping list.
There are so much more to think of so, depending on the level of your expenses, following some or all of these tips can save you a few thousands.
Are you ready?
*Write down all your WANTS (things you can do without) and NEEDS (you can’t live without)
*For the month of May, you will avoid all your wants and just spend on your needs.
*On the 1st of June, please submit your feedback on howmuch you saved? Lets inspire and be inspired,
Good Luck!

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  1. Lorraine says:

    Holy crap I’m so going to do this.

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