I’m so Perfectly Posh but Poor

blposh and poor

If you’re living a luxury lifestyle, drive a flashy car, live in an upmarket apartment or big house with a minus bank balance, then yes, you are perfectly posh but poor.  Unfortunately this is the reality of most South Africans today. The problem is, that we want to keep up with the Joneses who are probably faking it aswell.  They are materialistic and in debt, can barely afford the bare minimum repayments, drive Top model brand new cars, Gucci clothing is a must, and so much more.  This is not to say that you shouldn’t live this way, but atleast be able to afford it and if it means you can only acquire these things by making minimum repayments, piles of debt and credit cards, then a big fat no, you can not afford it.   Most of the time, its not your income that’s the problem, but your behaviour toward it.  Start today and  spend your money wisely.

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