I’m so Perfectly Posh & Poor

blposh and poor

If you’re living a luxury lifestyle, drive a flashy car, live in an upmarket apartment or big house with a minus bank balance, then yes, you are Posh and poor.  Unfortunately this is the reality  of most South Africans today.  Spend your money wisely.

30 day financial diet

financial diet

People love to brag on howmuch they spend. Can we start bragging on howmuch we save?   This 30 day financial diet will make your bank account look fat.   With hundreds of challenges out there, I think South Africans could do with this one. Whether you are a high income earner or scrape through with your monthly salary, it is necessary to cut down on a few unnecessary expenses. For those who will join me please tag at least 10 friends that would either support or join you.  Read More

Are Private schools really worth it?


It’s difficult to determine whether a school is academically better just because it is private, but you can certainly determine if a particular school is the best academic choice based on expert rankings.  Private schools certainly have a reputation for having smaller class sizes, great teachers, and strong academics. While this is true at many private schools, there are certainly exceptions, and there are many public schools that also have these three things. In many areas, we have a lot of middle-class anxiety and guilt these days about sending kidsRead More