Are Private schools really worth it?



It’s tough to decide whether a school is academically better just because it is private, however, you can certainly determine if a selected school is the best academic choice based on expert rankings.  Private schools certainly have a reputation for having smaller class sizes, strong academics and great teachers. While this may be true at many private schools, there are certainly exceptions, as many public schools also have these three things.

In many areas, we have a lot of middle-class anxiety and guilt these days about sending kids to government funded schools.  Much of this can be attributed to one thing — what parents hear “over the back fence” about government schools.

When many people discuss schools whether good or bad, they’re talking about their own belief system, not genuine data accumulated through thorough research and experience.


When it comes to deciding where to place your child, however, the only way to do it properly is to “test-drive” a school  much like you would a new car.

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